Ask the community

The targeted and practical way to solicit information

Neighbourhood Watch | Community Consultation

Ask the right people, at the right time

No longer is it necessary to doorknock, setup public booths, hold meetings or mail out information and surveys. With gpost’s two-way communication ability you can reach out and request information from people in a specific area or location, instantly.

Neighbourhood Watch

When a crime has occurred, ask the people who were in the vicinity for information, immediately.

Community consultation

Seek thoughts and opinions from the community on all types of matters and planning considerations.

Reach everyone in that location

Target users based on the information your seeking. For Police that could be the neighbours either side of a property where an incident occurred. Or it could be everyone within a certain radius. For local governments, utilities companies and planning bodies it could be a specific street, suburb or region that you want to consult with.

The possibilities are endless

Because gpost is sent as cached email, you can send all different types of content – text, images, maps, videos, pdfs, surveys and web links. And, once received recipients can retrieve it at any time, from anywhere.

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