Getting started


Download gpost APP

The gpost app is available on iOS and Android devices. Simply scroll down and click on your preferred App Store or Google Play Store .


Register your street address or locations of interest

You will receive information directly affecting you by registering your addresses. These locations could include work, friends and family addresses.


Get family and friends on board

Keep those close to you safe. Encourage them to download the gpost app. Your family and friends will receive alerts, warnings and notifications keeping them informed and safe.

Download Available Now

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Using gpost
Instant alert notifications

when there is information that needs your immediate attention.

Send and receive information

the same way as you use your email account (except it’s to a street address not an personal email address)

Call for help in an emergency

push the Area Alert button to alert other gpost users around you, family and friends. Not available in all countries.

Emergency info and updates

If there’s a fire, flood, storm, natural disaster, evacuation or police operation happening near you – Emergency Services has the power to instantly send notifications and updates to every gpost user in the affected location.*

Disruptions and inconveniences

From roadworks to street closures, building works, public transport disruptions and over inconveniences – Councils, Roads and Public Transport Authorities, Infrastructure and Construction companies, can use gpost to let you know.*

Danger – panic button

If you’re in danger, your safety is threatened or you’re hurt and need assistance – the gpost Panic Button will send a HELP alert to other users nearby so that they can come to your aid. It can also alert family or friends you’ve listed.