Get info to the people who need it
- when they need it, where they need it.

Public Announcements | Emergency alerts | Road works | Disruptions | Bills | Letters

It’s highly intelligent, location based communication

Instantly distribute information or alerts to users based on location. From a individual house, to a street, a suburb, city or targetted area – using multiple channels:

It’s instant. It’s reliable. It’s unlike any other messaging platform.

gpost is the secure and intelligent messaging platform that lets you send real-time, location based information and alerts to people – when they need it.

Using a one of a kind, patented, geo-based technology it distributes info and alerts to people in a specific physical location, or who have registered to recieve info about a specific location.

Unlike other mass communication tools, gpost isn‘t limited by mobile network capabilities or infrastructure. gpost can provide solution to distribute 100,000+ messages a minute to areas with no mobile coverage .

Communicate more effectively and efficiently

Get your community, customers, constituents, patrons or students the information they need and expect, when they need it and without delay. Unlike any other platform, the unique technology that underpins gpost lets you communicate and engage in a host of different ways.

Two-way communication

Request info, photos or even live video from users in a specific location (priceless in an emergency situation).

More than text messages

gpost isn‘t limited to text – use it to send images, maps, videos, links and attachments to users.

Using list or locations

Communicate with your list of customers or constituents and target people in specific locations – who are and aren‘t on your list.

The app with the power to tell people everything they need to know

Emergency services, governments (of all levels), utilities providers, road and infrastructure authorities, public transportation providers, community organisations and large organisations are all using gpost to get people the information they need, when they need it.

Users receive information based on where they are at that given time, along with the locations they’ve registered – their home, work, loved ones addresses, child’s school etc.

Fires, floods, earth quakes, snowstorms and other extreme weather events.

For all types of critical infrastructure including water, gas, electricity and telecommunications.

Road works and closures, traffic updates and public transport updates.

Police operations and unfolding situations that present a risk to those nearby.

Watch it all happen in the gpost dashboard
Watch live as your information is distributed – in real time. See:
  • Exactly how many messages, SMS and notifications have been delivered - live;
  • Who has received it and more importantly how many people have opened it;
It also has all the bells and whistles to let you generate and export campaign reports
gpost partners

gpost was created to empower people with information. Information that helps to keep them safe, makes their lives that little bit easier and nurtures their community spirit.

Recently launched in Australia, United States, Netherlands and the Bahamas – the possibilities for gpost really are endless.