Forget snail mail

gpost is the new post. It’s email to a street address.

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You no longer need a
customer’s email address

Over the last decade email has transformed the way businesses and organisations communicate with their customers. It’s provided a cost-effective way to deliver information to them – from bills and statements, to product or service changes and marketing materials.

But, it has one major limitation – it’s reliant on customers providing you with an address
and updating it when it changes.

Email to the street address

With gpost you no longer have to rely on the customer to supplying and maintaining an up to date email contact. As long as you have their street address, you can send them information digitally.

It’s flexible, instant and reliable – it lets you:

  • Distribute information immediately, to one or many customers.
  • Information can be received through mobile data, fixed line and wifi.
  • Request information from the customer.

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