Emergency Services

Get people the information they need, when it’s needed.

Fire | Flood | Police Operation | Extreme Weather Event | Terrorist Attack

gpost Gives you the power to
Instant distribution

Of emergency alerts and updates to users based on location – a specific street address, a building or venue, street, suburb, region or everyone in a certain radius.

People and properties

Emergency information is delivered to all users currently in the location, as well all registered addresses in the specified location.

Pushed to the user

Users receive a push notification when information is received. An alarm alert sound is also activated in high risk situations or in the case of an evacuation order.

Increased reliability

Time and time again we’ve seen unreliable communication platforms fail when they’re needed most. Reputations are damaged by the public backlash and negative media attention, and in the worst cases lives have been lost.

Unlike current SMS public alert systems that rely on the mobile network, gpost delivers information as cached email. This ensures:

  • Distribution isn’t limited or delayed by demand on the mobile network.
  • Information can be received through mobile data, fixed line and wifi.
  • Content isn’t restricted by SMS character limits.
  • Text, maps, images, videos, pdfs and web links can be sent.
  • Once received, the user can retrieve the info at any time (even if the network is down).
  • Reduced strain on mobile networks in an emergency.
  • Greater reliability and probability of information being received when it’s needed.
gpost emergency alerts
Current Emergency Alert System

Reliant on mobile, which can be compromised in an emergency:

  • everyone calling and texting.
  • strain on the network.
  • potential for infrastructure to be damaged.
  • Uses mobile data, fixed line and wifi, increasing likelihood of successful delivery.
  • Reduces strain on the mobile network.