It’s instant.
It’s reliable.
It’s the new post

gpost sends information to a location – not an individual

gpost is a one of a kind geo-based technology that allows you to push or send information to users in a specific physical location. This could be an individual street address, a building or venue, a suburb or region, or everyone in a certain radius.

Users only need an internet connection to be able to receive information.

gpost is data based – sends aren’t limited by mobile network capabilities

Unlike current SMS public alert systems that rely on the mobile network, gpost delivers information as cached email. This ensures:

  • Distribution isn’t limited or delayed by demand on the mobile network.
  • Information can be received through mobile data, fixed line and wifi.
  • Content isn’t restricted by SMS character limits.
  • Text, maps, images, videos, pdfs and web links can be sent.
  • Once received, the user can retrieve the info at any time (even if the network is down).
  • Reduced strain on mobile networks in an emergency.
  • Greater reliability and probability of information being received when it’s needed.
gpost is a powerful, one of kind, communication tool

No other system or platform provides the ability to deliver digital content to a specific location. Developed by Melbourne company Mararlee Pty Ltd, the technology that underpins gpost is Patent protected in Australia and PCT patent protected world wide.

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