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Emergency alerts | Road works | Disruptions | Public Transport | Bills | Letters

Gpost gives you the power to:
Distribute or

Through email and push notifications.

To or from everyone in
a specific location

A specific address, street, suburb or region.

Instantly and without delay

gpost is data based – sends aren’t limited by mobile network capabilities.

Communicate more effectively with gpost

gpost gives you the power to instantly and cost-effectively communicate with people based on their location. It makes it possible for you to get people the information they need and expect, when they need it and without delay.

Time and time again we’ve seen unreliable communication platforms fail when they’re needed most. Reputations are damaged by the public backlash and negative media attention, and in the worst cases lives have been lost.

gpost hopes to change this by providing a communication platform that can be used in a host of different ways.

Distribute alerts, updates, evacuation orders and other info to those affected.

Rather than send a letter or bill, gpost it. It’s the instant, cost-effective alternative.

Tell people about planned disruptions and keep them updated.

Request information from people in a specific location or area.


gpost is a one of a kind geo-based technology that allows you to push or send information to users in a specific physical location. This could be an individual street address, a building or venue, a suburb or region, or everyone in a certain radius.

Information is sent as cached email, meaning once received it can be retrieved at any time (even if the network goes down). And because it is data based, volume isn’t limited by mobile network capabilities, like SMS alert systems.

Users only need an internet connection to be able to receive information.

Learn more about the technology that underpins gpost.

It’s instant. It’s reliable. It’s the new post.

gpost Users


Register your street address

We then verify it. Then gpost Partners and users can send info to directly to you based on your street address.


Register locations of interest

Where you work, your loved ones addresses, other properties you own, places you frequent (stations, schools etc). When a gpost Partner puts info out affecting these places – you’ll get it.


Get family and friends on board

Encourage your family and friends to get gpost. That way, if you’re in danger, in an accident, or need help you can use the gpost Panic Button to get it.

Start receiving and
sending gposts
Instant alert notifications

when there is information that needs their immediate attention Eg in an emergency, SOS etc.

Send and receive information

the same way as the use their email account (except it’s to a street address not an email address)